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Second Brain | Notion Essentials is 1 of 6 courses in the Paideia X Praxis Core Curriculum

You’ve heard about the 'Building A Second Brain' methodology developed by Tiago Forte. Maybe you’ve even given it a try and you're excited to start implementing things in Notion. 

Second Brain | Notion Essentials is a self paced course, community with direct tutor feedback. You'll apply the core habits and frameworks of the building a second brain methodology, leverage Notion's advanced features, and lay the foundations of your personal knowledge management system.

"I was skeptical about who can teach BASB well (who's not Tiago), but here we are. I absolutely loved this course and teaching style. Compact, just enough information, no fluff. The template is perfect too."

David Levai | | COO

Core habits, just the essentials

In under a week you will learn how to Capture, Organise, Distill and Express your ideas using your Second Brain in Notion. From there you can learn more on a need to know basis from the community! By the end of the course:

Compounding Effects on your knowledge

Build your system in Notion using the PARA framework and reuse knowledge in 

Learn faster and output higher quality work 

Practice the core habits of effective knowledge management

Save time with clear workflows

Understand how to leverage Notion's advanced features, build processes and super charge your second brain 

What's the learning experience like?

Each lesson is theory + a practical walkthrough: You want behaviour transformation and new habits right? Intros provide theory, the remaining time is applied practice. Take action on what you've just listened to via walkthroughs and challenges.

Lessons are based on the Pareto principle. You only need to learn 20% of the practices and concepts to get 80% of the benefits. We will teach you the 20% and the community supports you to teach yourself the remaining 80% on a need-to-learn basis.

Lessons are short. Your time is precious. You don’t need to spend weeks watching tutorials to start getting amazing value out of Notion. The average video is 8 mins. Explore the course after work, between classes or even out for coffee.

Benchmark and retrospective assessment: At the start of the course you'll take a benchmark self assessment test to reflect on your initial knowledge management skills. In the final module you'll take the same assessment to reflect on your progress and I Identify which areas you still need support in.

What’s included?

The Second Brain | Notion Essential course outlines the core practices and habits of the second brain methodology. Through follow along walkthroughs you'll customise the PARA framework in Notion and setup your Second Brain. The course includes:

  • 19 short videos with full transcripts
  • 1 Second Brain Notion PARA Template
  • 2 Internal templates for areas and projects
  • Progressive summarisation guide.
  • Videos are practical exercises
  • Access to direct feedback from the Paideia x Praxis team

Who’s the course for?

The course is for beginners and intermediate Notion users. It's been designed for students, freelancers, content creators, educators and professionals who want to turn the huge amounts of information that we intake daily, into consistent outcomes in their studies or business.

What’s the syllabus?

Module 1: Course Overview

Learn how to make the most of the course.

  • Welcome to the course:
  • Setting the Stage: What is BASB and Personal Knowledge Management?
  • Benchmark: Knowledge management self assessment
  • Introducing PARA: Tidy Up Notion Before you Begin

Module 2: Implementing PARA

Build and personalise the backbone of your knowledge management system.

  • Project List Mindsweep
  • Areas List Mindsweep
  • Linking Databases: Relation Property in Databases

Module 3: Capture

Move from mindless consumption to conscious creation.

  • Notion Web Clipper & Knowledge Hub
  • Default Capture Challenge

Module 4: Organise

Find what you need when you need it.

  • Linking your thinking with Notion's backlinks
  • Contextual Dashboards
  • Mindset: Database first

Module 5: Distill

Extract the key insights and most valuable information into actionable parts.

  • Progressive Summarisation
  • Creating resources & templates from the Knowledge Hub

Module 6: Express

Direct those parts, learnings, experience and knowledge towards your goals.

  • Never Start From A Blank Page, Archipelago of Ideas
  • Intermediate Packets
  • C.O.D.E a Project
  • Retrospective: Knowledge management self assessment.
  • Wrap Up & level Up

Bonus Material

Explore Beyond A Second Brain & Notion

  • Sub fields of Personal Knowledge Managment
  • Notion and Zapier Integrations
  • Workflow Design

Wall of Love 💌

How do I join?

The course is included in the yearly Paideia x Praxis membership, which is just US $49 per year. Once you have joined the community goto the “Second Brain | Notion Essentials” link via the member dashboard to get instant access to the course.

The membership is non-refundable. You can cancel at any time. See you in the community!

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